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soapy_lims's Journal

Soapy LIMS
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a Last Icon Maker Standing for all things Soaps
Here are our 10 comandments to live by:
1. Registration. You sould join this community to participate in it. Don't forget to watch this community and add it to you friend list. Or you won't see the posts.
2. Sign-up. Sign-up for the first challenge is HERE You should comment this post with your name, secret word and the character which you want to do a whole session. Your Character may be from ANY soap daytime or primetime past or present American or International.You can choose your theme only once during a sing-up. If you participate twice or more, you cannot choose the same theme as at previous session(every other session is fine). Only ONE participant can have the same character each session...sorry it brings us more variaty
3. Skip. Each participant has an opportunity to pass only one (1) round. Don't forget to let know the moderator that you pass a round.
4. You have FIVE (5) days to make an icon per each round.
5. Icons should fit LJ standards (only 100x100, 40 kb or less).
6. All effects are allowed (animation, bruses, gradients, text, textures, etc.)
7. Voting. You vote for two (2) lesser icons and for the best one. You should explain your choice.
8. Voting results. As a result of your voting we will know: eliminated icons, people's choice and mod's choice
9. Final. At the end a winner of the contest will be defined, and the information about him\her will be placed in the profile of the community. All the finalists will be awarded with price-winning banners.
10. When you sing up to the challenge, please, put the secret word "Drama" into your comment.